Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"House Hunting"

My sweet dad is kind of known for bringing home things he finds off the curb.  Bless his heart, most of it is junk and mom sneaks half of it off to Goodwill.  I really, really, really hate to admit this and cannot even believe I am blogging about it but I think his problem may be hereditary.  The difference is that what I find is NOT JUNK...  kid's water table, tri-cycles, outside play slide, pottery barn chairs on the deck, brand new wagon, t-ball tee, kids rocking chair, croquet set, along with a few other odds & ends... SO NOT JUNK!  Can you tell I am trying to convince myself that my problem is really not a problem?  What's sad is that I am pretty sure Charlie has acquired this trait as well.  She LOVES to go on treasure hunts with me and gets just as excited about it.  She calls it "house hunting." Of course Chuck is not so thrilled about this genetic trait so I thought he was going to kill me when I brought this home.  I was surprised at myself for even picking this up...
Lol. Looks AWFUL but it was screaming at me, "Take me home!" I don't even know why I put this nasty thing in my car but I felt bad for it.  Bless it's heart, it just needed a little bit of love!  When I got it home I noticed there was a tag on the the bottom of it (ya know, one of those tags that says this can only be removed by the consumer or you are pretty much going to jail...)  that has dates in the 1920's.  The padding was pretty much rotted but the rest of the chair was in amazing shape.  I cleaned it up, repainted it, re padded the cushion and recovered it.  I already had the paint so I just had to buy the padding and fabric, which was a remnant piece I picked up at my fave store, Hobby Lobby.  For less than $10 I have a new favorite chair.  Here is the finished project!

Love!!!  I'd like to find three other chairs I can redo and have them coordinate with this one and put them around my kitchen table.  Oh, and Chuck loves the chair too!

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